The following papers and publications are available from the NCAC. Some of these documents are available on-line, while others are available in hardcopy only. Click on "View Paper" to read any of the on-line papers.

If you would like to receive a copy of any of the documents not currently on-line, please contact Judy at 703 729-8268. (This is the National Crash Analysis Center, George Washington Univ.)

An evaluation of deformation based Chest Injury Criteria using a hybrid III finite element model, The International Journal of Crashworthiness, (Ahmed Noureddine, Kennerly H. Digges and Nabih E. Bedewi, April 1996, Volume 1 no. 2)
Evaluation of a Multi-purpose Pick-up Truck Model Using Full Scale Crash Data with Application to Highway Barrier Impacts, 29th International Symposium on Automotive Technology & Automation, Florence, Italy, (Abdullatif K. Zaouk, Nabih E. Bedewi, Cing-Dao Kan, and Hansjoerg Schinke, June 1996) View Paper
Modeling of Occupant Biomechanics with Emphasis on the Analysis of Lower Extremity Injuries, International Journal of Crashworthiness, (Bedewi, Paul G. and Bedewi, Nabih E., January 1996 vol. 1, no. 1). View Paper
Determination and Modeling of Ankle Injury Causation, International Conference on Pelvic and Lower Extremity Injuries, Washington, D.C., (Digges, K.H., Bedewi, P.G., Bahouth, G.T., Bedewi, N.E., Augenstein, J., Perdeck, E., and Stratton, J, December 1995) View Paper
Performance Benchmarking of LS-DYNA3D for Parallel Vehicle Impact Simulation on the Silicon Graphics POWER CHALLENGE, High Performance Computing Asia 95, Taipei Taiwan, (L. Miller, N. Bedewi, R. Chu, October 1995)
Evaluation of Car-to-Car Frontal Offset Impact Finite Element Models Using Full Scale Crash Data (N. Bedewi, C. Kan, S. Summers & C. Ragland, 1995)
Effect of Mesh Density Variation in Vehicle Crashworthiness Finite Element Modeling (N. Bedewi, T. Omar & A. Eskandarian, 1994)
Finite Element Impact Modeling of Highway Narrow Objects (A. Eskandarian, D. Marzougui, N. Bedewi, 1995)
Research and Resources at the FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center
Airbag Modelling
Crash Analysis of Finite Element Model of Taurus Impacting into Rigid Pole
Computer Simulation Subcommittee Meeting of the TRB Roadside Safety Features Committee
Development of a Wide Class of Narrow Object Models for Vehicle Impact Simulation
Material Characterization and Modeling for Failure Analysis of Small Sign Support System
Impact Simulation of Slip Base Mechanisms Using DYNA3D
Development of Pick-up Truck Finite Element Model for Roadside Hardware Simulations
Methodology for Development of Vehicle Models with Varying Applications
Development of a Rigid Body 3-Dimensional Leg Model with External Contact Forces (N. Bedewi, 1993)
Development of a Non-Linear Finite Element Model of the Human Leg for Vehicle Occupant Simulations (P. Bedewi)
Methodology for Development of Vehicle Models with Varying Applications (Presentation by N. Bedewi, 1994)
Evaluation of Air Bag Field Performance (A. Malliaris, K. Digges & J. DeBlois, 1995)
Airbag Crash Protected Victims-The Challenge of Identifying Occult Injuries (J. Augenstein, K. Digges, et al, 1994)
Liver Injuries Assiciated with 2-point Belt Restraints in Frontal Crashes (Jackson Memorial Staff, K. Digges, et al, 1995)
Injury Patterns of Car Occupants Under Air Bag Deployment (A. Malliaris, K. Digges & J. DeBlois, 1995)
Injuries Sustained by Air Bag Occupants in Frontal Crashes (J. Augenstein, K. Digges, et al, 1994)
The Prevention of Head and Neck Injuries in Motor Vehicle Crashes (K. Digges)
Mathematical Models of Human Response to Acceleration (K. Digges, 1995)
Crash and Casualty Characterization of Light Vehicle Side Impacts with Narrow Objects (1994)
Draft: Evaluation of Air Bag Field Performance: Part A: Cars, Exposure, Occupants, Restraints & Protection (1994)
Draft: Comprehensive Characterization of Light Vehicle Side Impacts (1994)
Draft: Lower Extremity Injuries under Air Bag Deployment (1994)
Second Draft: Trunk Injuries of Car Occupants as a Function of Restraint Type & Use (1994)
Preliminary Findings: Trunk Injuries of Car Drivers as a Function of Restraint Type and Use (1994)
Evaluation of Liver Lacerations in Highway Crashes (1994)
Light Vehicle Occupant Ejections-A Comprehensive Investigation (1994)
Projected Benefits from Ejection Preventing Glazings (1994)