Freightliner's New Century Series


Is somebody finally doing something about driver's safety? It looks like Freightliner is. Their new Century Series of Class 8 tractors looks like a real improvement in accident avoidance and injury reduction. We can only give a brief summary here, check out there page by clicking here.

These new rigs have seats that lower away from the steering wheel and roof when a rollover situation develops. In addition, the seat belts pretension at the same time. Still more, Freightliner claims that the cab has been strengthened beyond even European standards to improve crashworthiness. There is even an available airbag. Does this stuff work? We don't know (and we don't sell Freightliners or any other trucks) but it sure sounds like it might. You should certainly consider the new Century Series if you buying a new rig.

This new line has many other safety features of interest to drivers, including long stroke brakes with ABS. The new ABS system seems to offer advantages beyond anti lock control including traction control and compensation for brake fade and lining wear. Sounds like a real improvement over the old "anchors".

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